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Tenant Guide

GN Associates 119 S. Burrowes Street State College, PA 16801

Office Telephone: (814) 238-1878, 1-800-258-9086

Emergency Number after office hours: (814) 235-6510

Rent payments are to be made at GN Associates, 119 South Burrowes Street, State College, PA 16801 between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The office is located inside Burrowes Corner.

Payment of Rent



All rent is due and payable on the first day of each month. You have a five day grace period to pay without penalty or late fees. Beginning on the sixth day, there is a THREE DOLLAR ($3.00) per day late charge retroactive to the first day of the month. For example, rent paid on the sixth day must include an $18.00 penalty. If the 5th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, rent will be accepted on the following business day without penalty, if brought into the office by hand. Rent mailed to GN Associates must be postmarked by the post office by the fifth of the month to avoid late fees. Charges are filed with the District Magistrate on the 20th day of each month against all individuals who are delinquent in paying rent. Any outstanding charges you may have incurred will be due with the rent the following month and will not automatically be deducted from your security deposit. All money will first be applied to cover outstanding charges, and the balance will be applied to the current rent.


Rent may be paid by check, cash, credit card (in the office only) or money order. If you have a parking space with GN Associates, the parking rent must be paid with a separate check. Please make checks and money orders payable to GN Associates. Postdated checks will not be held; all checks are cashed when received. Any checks returned from your bank marked insufficient funds will be regarded as outstanding rent. There will be a $25.00 charge for all non-sufficient funds checks. This check should be made good immediately by cash, money order or certified check. A late charge of $3.00 per day will begin accruing from the date the NSF check was received until proper payment is made good. WE WILL NOT RE-DEPOSIT THE ORIGINAL CHECK.

Apartment Care


All tenants are expected to keep their apartments clean and orderly. Paintings, posters, etc., may be hung on the walls, HOWEVER, please use small nails or thumb tacks instead of stick-on tapes or putty. Tape and putty cause considerable damage to walls when they are removed. Charges will be made at the termination of the lease for these damages.


Tenants are responsible for the condition of furniture. The oak furniture may NOT be cleaned with water. Furniture polish is advisable. Please use coasters under your glassware. Fiberglass tub enclosures may only be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaners. Please be cautious when using products with bleach. Bleach causes damage to the carpet.




NO ANIMALS whatsoever shall be carried onto or kept in or about the premises. The tenants in any apartment found to have pets shall be obligated to pay one or more extermination fees. A charge could be imposed for extermination of the entire building, if necessary, to rid the building of any infestation or potential infestation problem. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets on the premises.




Should you experience a toilet overflow, immediately shut off the water by turning off the valve found at the base of the toilet. We have provided each apartment with a plunger which should alleviate most stoppages. To help prevent toilet stoppages, we strongly suggest that you only use single ply toilet paper. We also remind all residents that at no time are they to flush sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, Q-tips, or rags down the commode. This will result in a sewer-line backup which will not only damage your apartment but your neighbor's as well. Toilet stoppages and damage resulting from negligence will be charged to the tenants. Please try plunging the toilet prior to calling emergency maintenance. If a maintenance person needs to be dispatched after 4:30pm and the toilet only requires plunging, a minimum fee of $25.00 will be charged.




There is a dumpster located at the rear of your building. Your trash must be put into the trash chute or recycling bins. DO NOT LEAVE TRASH IN THE HALLS. A trash collection fee may be charged for any trash that has not been disposed of properly. Please take all cardboard directly to dumpsters. Do not put boxes down the trash chute.


BURROWES CORNER, EAST SIDE, THE LION, TOWN SQUARE, & GN CENTRE: There is a dumpster located at the rear of your building. Your trash must be put into the dumpster or recycling bins.




Each apartment is furnished with vertical blinds. In order to prevent vertical blind damage, please make sure the blinds are in the open position when moving them to one side of the window. To clean the blinds, you may use a mild soapy detergent.




Only detergents specifically for dishwashers should be used. Do not use regular laundry or dish detergent as this will cause overflowing. Any damage caused by using improper detergent will be charged to all Tenants.




All apartments have been furnished with microwave ovens. Please do not put any type of metal or foil objects in the microwave at any time. Any damage caused by negligence will be charged to the tenant.




The garbage disposal is located in your sink and is operated by a switch directly above it. The disposal may be used only when cold water is running. Placing any type of metal, bones, or hot grease into the disposal must be avoided. Pop-top can tabs, banana peels, grease, and cigarette filters will jam and many times permanently break a garbage disposal. We will have no alternative but to charge anyone whose disposal breaks as a result of jamming.


Before reporting your garbage disposal as being inoperative, please push the reset button located on the disposal, under the sink. If this does not alleviate the problem, contact the office during business hours.




GN Associates has furnished your apartment with working light bulbs. It is your responsibility to replace all bulbs except the fluorescent kitchen and bath light bulbs. We expect all bulbs to be working when you vacate the premises, or charges will be made against your security deposit.




All residents are encouraged to have a vacuum cleaner on hand to clean your carpet. The carpet in your apartment should be vacuumed at least once a week. GN Associates does not lend vacuum cleaners to Tenants.




Each apartment is supplied with one television cable cord. If this piece is missing when the apartment is vacated, there will be a charge for replacement. Expanded Television cable is included in the monthly rental rate.


Contact Will Primeau of Comcast directly for any questions or repairs on the television cable reception at 814-206-8263 if you live in The Graduate. Contact Windstream at 238-0000 or 1-800-481-6418 if you live in Park Place, The Lion, Burrowes Corner, GN Centre, East Side or Town Square.

Starting June 2010, Comcast requires digital adapters at The Graduate to properly receive their “enhanced” expanded basic service. Please see enclosed “Important Notice Regarding you Comcast Cable Service” for further information.



There will be NO SMOKING PERMITTED in the hallways, lobbies, common areas or elevators. Also, anyone seen smoking at an open apartment window will be charged for the clean up of cigarette butts found in that area. Do not put cigarettes out on your carpet. You will be charged for each burn. If you must smoke in your apartment, please use an ashtray.

General Info



GN Associates is NOT responsible for personal property. Should you be concerned with the possibility of fire, theft, or other casualty, you should contact your personal insurance agent about Renter's Insurance.



Your apartment was furnished with one (1) Smoke Detector in the Living Room and (1) Smoke Detector in each bedroom. It is your responsibility to test and change the batteries on these units. The working order of the detector may be tested by pushing the test button.

Each apartment is equipped with one fire extinguisher located in your kitchen. Tenant agrees to use such extinguisher for the purpose of extinguishing fires only. In the event the fire extinguisher is misused or tampered with during the lease term, the cost of recharging or replacing the extinguisher is paid by the Tenant.


If you think that there is a problem with any of your smoke detectors or your fire extinguisher, call the office to request maintenance (238-1878 during office hours, 235-6510 after office hours).


Each Tenant is required by Borough Ordinance #1817 to sign the Fire Safety Certification Agreement that is included in your move-in packet. Failure to do so can result in substantial fines from the Borough. Please return this agreement within (7) seven days of the beginning of the lease.



During office hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm, you may borrow an apartment key from the rental office. If the key is not returned within 48 hours, you will be assessed a $5.00 fee. If it is an entrance key, the charge will be $20.00. After 5:00pm, you must call the emergency number at 235-6510 and make your request. A maintenance person will be called to unlock the apartment door. There is a $30.00 lock out fee after the maintenance person has been dispatched. This fee will be charged to your account and must be paid with the following month's rent. This fee also applies to lock outs on holidays and weekends. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. If an apartment or mail key is lost, the charge for each new key is $5.00. If an entrance key or elevator key (GN Centre) is lost, the replacement charge is $20.00. DO NOT MAKE UNAUTHORIZED COPIES OF YOUR KEYS!


ENTRANCE SYSTEM: (excludes Town Square)


Your apartment building has been equipped with a Controlled Access System. All residents will be required to use a key to enter the building. For further information concerning the Access System, please refer to the instructions issued with your keys. If you or your guests are seen tampering with the system, a fine will be applied to your account.




Mailboxes are provided in the lobby of your building. The post office is given a list of tenants in each apartment but you are responsible for taping a note inside the mailbox with the names of all tenants in the apartment. Without this list of names in the mailbox, you may not receive all of your mail.




There will be a fee of $100.00 to have a lock changed. This fee must be paid in full before the lock is changed. All residents in the apartment must agree to have the lock changed.




Should you lose electrical service in your apartment or in one section of your apartment, please check the breaker box located in your apartment unit to see if a breaker has been tripped. In the event a breaker has been tripped, simply reset the power switch, this should alleviate the problem. If this does not correct the problem, call routine maintenance and report the problem.




Under the lease, The Landlord has agreed to provide certain utilities. Tenant(s) shall use all efforts to conserve energy and to use such utilities efficiently. The Landlord has the right to inspect the apartment to insure compliance. If the Tenant fails to comply with conservation of energy, the Landlord shall be entitled to collect, as additional rent, charges for Utilities for a particular apartment which exceed, by 10%, the average charge for apartments of a similar size for any period.





The elevator in your building is a highly sophisticated piece of mechanical equipment. As you know, anything mechanical is subject to malfunctioning. The elevator in your building is rated for a maximum capacity of 2500 pounds. This should not be exceeded. No more that fifteen (15) persons should ride in the cab at any one time.


Should the elevator in your building stop for any reason while you are riding in the cab, remain calm and push the alarm button. This button will activate a bell on the cab and can be heard in the lobby of the building as well as throughout the building.


Under no circumstances should you attempt to leave the cab or to tamper with the elevator doors. Ring the alarm bell and wait until maintenance personnel arrive. Should anyone hear the alarm bell in the hallway, please call our emergency phone number 235-6510 and report the same.


The stop switch on the elevator should never be pulled between floors. It will result in an abrupt stop of the elevator and may damage the elevator equipment which will necessitate elevator service personnel being called in for repairs. Should you be aware of any person or persons tampering with the stop switch, notify our office immediately. Anyone found vandalizing or tampering with the elevators will be subject to arrest and prosecution.


The Management offers a standing REWARD of $100.00 for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any person(s) seen tampering with the elevator equipment.




If you are experiencing a problem with the laundry facilities, please notify the rental office. Report which building, machine (give the machine number if possible), and whether it was a washer or dryer. GN Associates will refund the money to you if something is found wrong with the machine. Laundry room hours are Sunday through Thursday - 24 hours; Friday & Saturday - 7:30am to 10:00pm.




A vending machine with soda is provided in the 2nd floor laundry room of Park Place. If you experience a problem with the vending machine, please notify Bittner Vending at 800-869-7521. If you have lost money while trying to use the vending machines, please notify Bittner Vending directly.




Bicycle racks have been provided for your convenience. Bicycles are not to be attached to trees, railings, utility poles, or any public property. At no time shall bicycles be ridden inside the building. Anyone seen riding a bicycle in the building will be charged minimum $25.00 fine. Any bicycle not in the proper area will be impounded with a $25.00 fee assessed for its return. Please advise all your visitors of this policy. Bicycles may not be stored on balconies at The Lion.


Bike rooms are provided at East Side, Town Square and The Lion. To use these facilities, you must register your bicycle with the office and sign for a key.




At no time shall any tenant or guest skate/rollerblade inside the building. Anyone seen skating/skateboarding/rollerblading in the building will be charged a minimum $25.00 fine.




Guests may not stay for a period of more than two days in any given week. If a problem arises with roommates because of the imposition of a guest, the tenant with whom the guest is visiting could be charged additional rent and/or evicted.


BALCONIES (The Lion & GN Centre Only)


Balconies are not to be used for storage. If you are found storing items on the balcony, there will be a fine imposed for each day until the items are removed. Bikes may not be stored on the balcony at The Lion - a bicycle room is available.




Grills are not permitted in any apartment or on any balcony. Any apartment found with a grill will be fined and the grill will be removed. The Lion does have a Barbecue Pit for your enjoyment. Please clean the area after your use.

Whats Included

GN Associates has strives to make the process of moving to college as simple and worry free for our tenants as possible.


All of GN Associates rental properties are fully furnished.


Each unit includes:

 Living Room:

  • Sofa/Love seat or Sectional Sofa
  • Coffee Table
  • 2 End Tables
  • 2 Brass Lamps
  • Entertainment Center



  • Full Size Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Oven/Range Top
  • Microwave



  • Full, regular Bed (1 per tenant)
  • Dresser (1 per tenant)
  • Desk (1 per tenant)
  • 1 Night Stand (per bedroom)
  • 1 Brass lamp (per bedroom)


GN Associates does not provide any cooking utensils (ie. silverware, pots & pans), or cleaning supplies (ie. vacuum, toilet paper, paper towels, trash cans, etc.) in the apartments.


The shower/bathtubs are equipped with sliding glass doors. Shower curtains are not needed, but can be used for additional privacy and decor.

Avoiding Mold

Mold is found virtually everywhere in our environment- both indoors and outdoors and in both new and old structures. When moisture is present, mold can grow. Therefore, the best way to avoid problems related to mold is to prevent moisture buildup in the apartment. This is particularly important in certain more humid climates and, as a general matter, in any climate during those times of year when outdoor temperatures and humidity levels are high. Lessor cannot guarantee Lessee that the apartment is, or ever will be, a "mold-free environment". There is much a Lessee can and should do within the apartment to reduce the possibility of mold growth, including the following:


  • When doors and windows are closed, keep the air conditioning on "Auto" or "On" at all times. When door and windows are open, turn the air conditioner "Off". To the extent possible, keep windows and doors closed in damp or rainy weather conditions to avoid moisture entering the apartment. Maintain a general temperature of 68ºF or 73ºF in the winter and 72ºF to 76ºF in the summer. Do not block or cover any heating/ventilation/air-conditioning diffusers, coils and/or thermostats with furniture, wall hangings, etc.


  • Wipe down and dry counter tops, windows, windowsills, and the air conditioning coils when moisture condenses on these surfaces. Do not over-water houseplants and clean up spills immediately. All potted plants must have a secondary container under the primary container to collect water. Use drying racks in well-ventilated areas and, if possible, use a fan to circulate the air.


  • Use the exhaust fan when bathing/showering and, if applicable, keep the shower curtain inside the tub and/or fully close the shower door. When finished bathing/showering, leave the bathroom door open, and allow the exhaust fan to run until all moisture on the mirrors, bathroom walls and tile surfaces have evaporated. Hang up towels and bathmats to dry completely. Dry any excess moisture on bath/shower and sink fixtures. Periodically clean and dry walls around the bathtub and shower using housing cleaner.


  • All furniture should be at least 2 inches away from all walls.


Leesee must notify Lessor immediately of any sign of a water leak, excessive or persistent moisture or condensation issues in the apartment, any stains, discoloration, mold growth or musty odor in any such areas, any malfunction of the heating or air-conditioning system, or any cracked or broken windows.

Lessor will not be responsible for damages or losses due to mold growth to the extent such conditions have resulted from the acts or omissions of Lessee.

Bed Bug Info

BED BUGS: Bed bugs are a growing and serious problem. It is the policy of GN Associates to pay for the treatment of bed bug infestations. If you believe that you may have bed bugs, CONTACT THE OFFICE IMMEDIATLEY and we will arrange inspection and treatment. Please refer to the “Apartment Residents’ Guide to Identifying and Managing Bed Bugs” brochure attached at .

Parking Rules & Regulations


  1. No vehicle shall block entry or exit from buildings, fire lanes, other parking spaces or dumpsters.
  2. No vehicle shall use two parking spaces or parking the RESERVED PARKING spaces. No vehicle shall park over the parking lines.
  3. Vehicle User must always display the parking sticker on the passenger side of the rear window.
  4. There is HEAD-IN PARKING only.
  5. If assigned to the Graduate lot, there is no parking in the "store only" (Boots Dairyette) spaces. If assigned to the East Side lot, parking hte first five double spaces is by numbered permit (permit numbers 001-005) only. GN Associates is not responsible for any vehicle towed from these spaces.
  6. If assigned to the Park Place lot, there is no parking in the handicap spaces.
  7. There is no guarantee that an empty space will always be available for each permit holder, since persons sometimes park unauthorized vehicles or use two spaces for one car. GN Associates takes regular action to reduce habitual offenders and maximize space availability.
  8. GN Associates is not responsible for damage to a vehicle while parking in the lot. Vehicle user should report any vandalism to the police and the vehicle's insurance carrier.
  9. If there is a permanent change of vehicle, Vehicle User Shall return the original sticker and complete registration form for the substitute vehicle. There is no charge for one change of vehicle registration and issuance of new sticker upon return of old sticker. If the old sticker is not returned there is a $5.00 charge. If there is a temporary change of vehicle, vehicle user must come to the office to get a temporary parking permit.
  10. The right to park applies only to the lot for which the sticker is issued. If parked in any other lots, the vehicle will be deemed unregistered and will be subject to ticketing and towing at Vehicle User's expense.
  11. Before subletting parking space to another GN Associates' tenant, vehicle user will bring the person to the office (along with old sticker) to register a new vehicle. The parking lease remains in Vehicle User's name and Vehicle User is primarily responsible for the monthly rental payment.
  12. There is NO GUEST PARKING available at any time for any reason and ticketing/towing is strictly enforced. Vehicle user will advise family and all guests accordingly.


PARKING IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO THOSE WHO HAVE A PERMIT, WHICH MUST BE PROPERLY DISPLAYED IN THE VEHICLE WINDOW AT ALL TIMES. Any vehicle parked in the lot without a permit on display will be subject to being ticketed/towed. Parking must be rented on a twelve month basis. Unfortunately, no visitor parking is available at any time for any reason. Please advise your friends and relatives so they do not receive a parking ticket or risk being towed. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT VEHICLES PARKED IN THE LOT WITH THEIR FLASHERS ON WILL BE SUBJECT TO BEING TICKETED/TOWED. Any vehicle blocking trash dumpsters, boiler room entrances or fire lanes will be towed (even those with permits). You must be parked in designated parking areas only. Towing charges will be paid by the owner of the vehicle.


During office hours, if the parking lot is full and you see a vehicle without a permit, please notify us in the office immediately. After 5:00pm, please call Tennis Towing at 234-9700.


Parking is for GN Associates tenants only. Vehicles registered in the office must be owned by tenant or tenant's immediate family.

Fire Instructions





Knowing what to DO and what NOT TO DO if you discover a fire in your high-rise apartment building could save your life and the lives of others. Here are critical items you should know:


  • Familiarize yourself with emergency exits.
  • Pull alarm on your floor at either end of hall in the event of a fire.
  • Immediately call the fire department. Never assume that anyone else has called. (FIRE


  • Before trying to leave your apartment, place your hand on the door. If the door feels warm within five seconds, do not open it. Stay and wait for help.
  • If the door is cool, open it and check for the presence of smoke in the corridor. If smoke is present, crawl beneath the level of the smoke.
  • If the corridor appears clear, alert other tenants on your floor and proceed to the closest exit stairway calmly.
  • If you are forced to remain within your apartment, keep your door closed and attempt to seal the cracks around the door with wet towels or blankets
  • If possible, when smoke enters your apartment, open a window as near to the ceilings as you can. Keep as low to the floor as possible where the cooler and fresher air is.
  • Never attempt to remove your car from its parking space unless ordered to do so by fire officials.
  • Never shout "FIRE". Don't help create panic, calmly alert other residents.
  • Never attempt to re-enter the building until fire officials permit you to do so.
    • Never attempt to use elevators, take the closest emergency exit.
    • DO NOT use water on a grease fire. Use the chemical extinguisher in your apartment.





The fire alarm system in all buildings is an in-house system. This means when a pull station is activated you must call 911 to notify the fire company. The pull stations do not automatically notify the fire company. The pull stations are designed to evacuate the building. In the event of a fire, a pull station needs to be activated AND the fire company must be called immediately by dialing 911. The pull stations are located on each floor by the stairwell exit.


In the event of a fire alarm: (1) Call 238-1878 during office hours or (2) the emergency maintenance number, 235-6510, after office hours. The Management offers a standing REWARD of $100.00 for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any person or persons seen tampering with the fire alarm system.